Blocking players in The Division 2


How can I block players in-game?


In addition to muting players, you will now have the option to block them on PC and Stadia.

Blocking someone in-game will prevent all communication and grouping with them in the future.

To block a player:

• Inspect them using the View Player option.
• Choose Block Player from the menu on the right.
• Open the Social menu.
• Select their username from the list.
Please note that the player needs to be a part of your group to appear on it.
• Choose Block Player from the menu on the right.

Their username will now appear in the Blocked section.

Blocking a player via the in-game menu

To unblock a player:

• Open the Group Management menu.
• Select their username from the Blocked list.
• Choose Unblock Player from the menu on the right.

This will allow the player to join your groups and communicate with you again.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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