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What does the Year 1 Pass for The Division 2 add to the game?


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The Year 1 Pass adds more content to your game! In detail, this is what is included: 
7-Day Early Access to Episode Narrative Content
Owners of the Pass will have a 7-day early access to the narrative content only, included in all Year 1 Episodes.
Instant unlock of the Year 1 Specializations
At launch, The Division 2 will include three Specializations, instantly available to everyone when reaching max level (Level 30).

Throughout Year 1, we will release three additional Specializations for your agent. Year 1 Pass holders will unlock these new specializations as soon as they're released. Dates will be communicated at a later date on our official The Division 2 website.

For those who do not have the Year 1 Pass, specializations will be released at the same time, but must be unlocked over time through gameplay.

Year 1 Pass holders will also be able to earn exclusive cosmetic items with each Specialization's release.

Exclusive Access to Classified Assignments
Over the course of Year 1, Pass holders will have exclusive access to 8 Classified Assignments, which will provide more story behind the events leading to your arrival in D.C.

Completing each assignment will award you with a unique and exclusive backpack trophy to customize your Agent's look.

Some classified assignments are already out, check out our dedicated guide to know more. 
- Additional Bounties and Projects
Bounties in The Division 2 are special tasks to eliminate specific enemy targets, while Projects are assignments to complete various tasks around D.C.

As a Year 1 Pass holder, you will get access to one additional Bounty per week and one extra Project per day for a Challenging mission. These tasks will be available in their respective menus on the map menu. 

This perk ends on March 1st, 2020. 
- Exclusive Cosmetic Items
Year 1 Pass holders will get an immediate access to these exclusive rewards: the Agent Ward Outfit and the Scout emote. These items will be available through your Stash in the Mailbox tab. You will be able to move them to your inventory via the Move to Inventory option. 

Please note that the Agent Ward Outfit will not be listed in the Uniform tile from the Apparel menu. The outfit contains the following parts: Agent Ward Pants, Agent Ward Scarf, Agent Ward Shirt and Agent Ward Boots. These items will be available from their respective tiles. 

You can get the Year 1 Pass seperately or as part of the Gold or Ultimate Editions.

For more information about content sharing on consoles, please have a look at this article
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