Accessibility features available in The Division 2


Which accessibility features are included in The Division 2?


In this article we put together an overview of the available accessibility features in The Division 2

Does this game include assist features?  Yes, an aim assist is available in the game. Learn more about it in this article.
Are there multiple difficulty levels?  Yes. Main story missions can be done in three difficulty levels: Story, Normal and Hard.
Does this game include QTE/button mashing features?  No
Does this game include slow motion mechanics or the ability to set the game’s speed?  No
Is it possible to replay tutorials or cut-scenes?  No
Am I able to progress through text prompts at my own pace?  No
Does this game feature vibration feedback?  Yes. For more details on how to enable this vibration feedback, consult this article.
Can this game be paused at all times?  No
Can I perform actions while the game is paused?  No

Is it possible to enable subtitles?  Yes. For more information, check out this FAQ.
Can I customise the subtitles?  Yes. Multiple options are available if you want to customise them. Learn more in this article.
Is there an option to enable a subtitle background?  The subtitle background is automatically enabled. To set up its opacity, please visit this article
Am I able to speak through the voice chat without pressing any buttons?   Yes. For more information, visit this FAQ
Does the game have text and/or voice chat? Do any of the chats offer speech to text and text to speech features?  Yes. For more information, visit this FAQ
Am I able to configure levels for effects, speech and background/music noises?  Yes. For more information, check out this FAQ.
Is there a surround sound option?  No
Are all audio cues accompanied by visual cues?  Yes
Do the subtitles have speaker identification?  Yes
Does this game provide closed captioning features?  Yes. For more details, check out this FAQ.

Am I able to remap keys and controls for this game?  Yes. You can remap the keyboard and mouse controls on PC. Controllers cannot be remapped. 
Does this game include eye-tracking features?  Tobii Eye Tracker is only supported for the PC version of the game. 
I have a specific controller with a particular input method, can I use it?  Please have a look at our supported peripherals article.
Can I only use my mouse to play the game?  No
Can I use two different input methods in combination (mouse + controller)?  Yes
Is it possible to change the sensitivity for controls and buttons?  The game offers the option to change the sensitivity of the aiming and of the camera. On PC, there is no option to invert axis of the movement stick. On PS4 and Xbox One, inversion options are only available for the left stick.  

Does this game include colourblind modes?  Yes. Learn more about these modes in this FAQ.
Are there any features to support vision when key elements occur?  Yes. All key elements are accompanied by a specific sound. 
Is it possible to deactivate any flickering features?  No
Is it possible to change game’s contrast?  Yes. You have the option to activate High Contrast mode
Am I able to change the FOV (Field of View)?  Yes. Please have a look at our Field of View article.
Am I able to prevent motion sickness?  Yes, you can lessen the impacts of motion sickness. More information in our dedicated article.
Can I rearrange the game interface? Can I resize my interface?                                                                                                                       Yes, you can enlarge the user interface and customise the Heads-Up Display (HUD). An option is also available if you want to auto hide the HUD

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