Animus Control Panel

The Animus Control Panel (ACP) is an in-game tool that allows you to tweak a number of game parameters to create a new and personal game experience. 

You can freely customise individual parameters related to the in-game characters and world, or use one of the four available presets:
Hardcore Stealth: Play the game like a real assassin. It is easy to get detected, but if you succeed you can kill any enemy with one deadly strike.
Mad World: Try to survive in this aggressive environment. Stay away from sandstorms!
God Mode: Play the game like a master and unleash supernatural power on your enemies.
Default: Default settings.

Any settings you create can be saved and shared with friends or on our dedicated forum

The Panel can be accessed through the Animus Control Panel button in the main menu, and in the Play section accessible from the main menu.

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To use the ACP you will need:

An existing save file (regardless of story progression)
A spare save slot
Ubisoft Connect in online mode

Applying ACP settings to a save file (hacking the Animus) will create a separate copy of the save, marked by an Animus Hacked text. 

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You can resume your game unaffected by ACP by loading the original save file.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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