Playing cooperatively in Anno 1800

To start a cooperative game in Anno 1800, join a multiplayer session that isn't full. You can do this by invite or by using the + button under the company avatar of the player you would like to team up with. 
Anno 1800 Multiplayer Lobby

If you are the host of a multiplayer session, you can directly invite other players to be in your team. Click on the + button under the avatar of your company and select a friend from your friends list to join the game.
Anno 1800 Multiplayer Lobby Invite Friend
When you play in a team, all players of that team share the same company.

Up to 16 players can play together in the same session, divided into 4 companies.

Please note, you cannot add new companies to saved multiplayer games. When you load a saved multiplayer session, new co-op players can only join existing companies.

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