Cars available in The Crew 2: Update 2

New Cars

In update 2 a total of fourteen new vehicles will be coming to The Crew 2 with the Demolition Derby update. We’d like to unveil the first six for you here, starting with four Fender Demolition Derby cars available to earn or purchase with in-game credits from December 5: 

Fender Firenze
User-added image
Fender Vero
User-added image

Fender Frontiera
User-added image
Fender Bulk
User-added image

December Vehicle Drop 

The update is also the opportunity for us to roll out the December Vehicle Drop, which includes additions to the Demolition Derby and Air Race disciplines. The following two vehicles will be added for free for Season Pass holders on December 5, and for all other players on December 12:

Fender Rattlesnake
User-added image
Extra Aerobatics 330SC - 2009
User-added image
The eight remaining vehicles will be revealed closer to the update’s launch, and include new Icon Level rewards.

To find the most up-to-date information about which Season Pass cars are available in game, please visit The Crew 2 Website.

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