Locating the HQ in The Crew 2

In The Crew 2, you can get various rewards for completing races and live events, which will spawn at your HQ ready for collection.

There are four different HQ locations:

•  The Freestyle HQ is to the North West of Las Vegas, and will spawn rewards for aerobatics, jet sprint, and monster truck events.
•  The Offroad HQ is located at the center of the map, and will spawn rewards for motocross, rally cross, and rally raid events.   
•  The Pro Racing HQ is in New York, and will spawn rewards for air race, power boat, and touring car events.
•  The Street Racing HQ is in Los Angeles, and will spawn rewards for drag race, drift race, hyper car, and street race events.

If you have not collected loot from a race, you can find it in the relevant HQ's mailbox.

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