Troubleshooting technical issues on PlayStation 5

If you encounter issues trying to run a game on your PlayStation 5, please try the below steps in the order listed:

•  Make sure your system is up-to-date.
•  Power cycle your console.
Completely turn off the PlayStation 5 by holding the power button. When the light stops flashing, remove the power cable and leave the system for 20 minutes before attempting to restart.
•  Disconnect your console from the internet.
Unplug your ethernet cable or go offline through the console's network settings.
Once disconnected, try your game again and then reconnect your console to the internet.
•  Restore the licenses
•  Rebuild the database in Safe Mode
Be sure to back up your data using a USB drive or cloud storage before using Safe Mode!
•  Try another system, if possible.
This will help determine if the issue is due to the console, your game disc or the connection. 

For problems caused by the console itself, we strongly recommend checking the Sony Support site or contacting Sony Support directly.

Should the issues persist after completing the above steps, please get in touch.

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