Is there a lipsync mode? How can I do lip-sync?
Yes, you can lip-sync by turning the microphone off from the lobby or setting it to minimum during the Party/Battle session.
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How can I switch filters while I am singing?
You can change the filters while you are singing from the lower part of the screen, from the Filters & Effects menu.

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How many themes are available? 
Before starting a song you will be able to choose among 10 themes: 
  1. Plain 
  2. Groove 
  3. Ballad 
  4. Bling Bling  
  5. Rock Legend
  6. Meow!
  7. So Flashy
  8. Clubbing 
  9. Lil’ Monsters
  10. Tropical 

Can I change the theme while singing?
No, themes must be set before starting the song.

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