Shape Up Battle Run - Gameplay and Support Devices

What is Shape Up Battle Run?

Shape Up Battle Run is both a stand-along interval running app and a companion to Shape Up for the Xbox One. Every step you take with Shape Up Battle Run can be synced with your console game for more points.


- Customize your gameplay by selecting 5 to 30 minute jogs, runs, and sprints.
- Never run alone! Choose a Coach, Champion, or find a friend through Uplay.
- Tired of the same route around the neighborhood? Run through the jungle with lions on your take, make a mad scramble through a zombie infested cityscape, or save the world in Story Program.
- Audio clues and beats will keep you at the right pace for the best workout.
- Every step outside earns you benefits in your living room. Sync with the Shape Up console game and your Points and Bolts will be added to your total score. Plus your stats are tracked: calories burned and distance run, which count towards your overall in-game fitness program.

How does the app sync with my console game?

Each time you finish a run, Shape Up Battle Run automatically syncs your updated stats and rewards with your profile online. Next time you boot up your console game at home, all your stats and rewards will be added in your fitness profile!

How do I find my friends?

Shape Up Battle Run uses Uplay to connect you to all your friends. Simply press the Add Friends button when you start a race. The app will connect to Uplay and display your friends list or allow you to add new friends. Once you have selected a friend, return to the race to get started.

What are the supported phones?

Nexus 4
Nexus 5
Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S III
Galaxy S II
Galaxy Note II
Galaxy Note Moto X
Xperia Z1

iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S

Lumia 920
Lumia 1520

What is a rePlay?

Our rePlay tech means you never run alone. Just like the performance recording on the console game, Shape Up Battle Run records your best time in a given race and records it. You can try to beat your time the next time you play or challenge your friends. You can also select one of the pre-made rePlays - can you outrun MC Panda?

What will I find in Story Program?

In Story Program you can select a Quest from three scenarios: Jungle, Zombie, and Spy. Each scenario has a unique map to follow; stops along the map serve as chapters to the unfolding story. Complete the map to find out if you escaped the danger or saved the world!

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