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Becoming an Apprentice in Growtopia

You can invite your friends and earn rewards in-game! In fact, the Mentor, Apprentice or Recruit are all eligible to get rewards!

Simply get your friends to join you in Growtopia, be their Mentor and convert them into a Growtopian!
How can I become an Apprentice? 
There are two ways how you can become an Apprentice! 
• You can only be added by a Mentor if you are between levels 1-3. If you are above level 3 you cannot be an Apprentice. 
• You can be promoted as Recruit to Apprentice without the level 1-3 restrictions. 

How will I know that I am being invited to be an Apprentice? 
When a potential Mentor sends you a request to join their mentorship program, you will receive a chat console message informing you of the same. 

What should I do if I get a request to join a mentorship program? 
Accept the invitation by wrenching the player and selecting the “Add as Mentor” option. 

How many Mentors can I have? 
You can only have one Mentor at a time. 

How can I get Apprentice tickets? 
You will receive Apprentice tickets upon reaching the level requirements.

When you consume the ticket you will receive a reward, the next Apprentice ticket and also send your mentor a Mentor ticket. 

What are the level requirements to get Apprentice tickets? 
•    Level 1 
•    Level 5 
•    Level 10 
•    Level 20 
•    Level 30 

Can I remove a Mentor and leave his mentorship program? 
Yes you can, but please note: 
• You cannot become another Mentor’s Apprentice for seven days after leaving your current Mentor.
• You cannot leave a Mentor once you reach level 20. 
• You can only get another Mentor is you are at level 1-3. 

How can I become a Mentor after being an apprentice?  
You have to reach level 20 before you can become a Mentor and have your own Apprentices. 

At which point do I complete the mentorship program? 
When you reach level 30 you have successfully completed your mentorship program!

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions! 

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