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Game crashes to desktop after starting

  • Do you have a 3Dfx card installed?
    Usually, the best solution for this is to ensure you did a proper installation of Monaco GPRS2. Most people miss the additional installation choices button during the installation choices. This button allows you to see the D3D option for 3DFX users. To correct this:

    1. Uninstall Monaco GPRS2 and remove the folder left behind.
    2. Restart the installation.
    3. During setup, choose to change installation.
    4. Click Show All...
    5. You will be given 3 3dfx choices and 3 Direct3D choices.
    6. Select the D3D option and continue the installation normally.

  • Do you have a video card in your system other than 3DFX?
    • Is your video card supported for this game?
      Be sure to look in the FAQ for this game under supported 3D cards to make sure your card is one of the listed supported 3D cards. If not, the game may not run correctly on your system.

    • Have you changed the settings in the game's options or configure utility? The best way to improve performance and eliminate crashes and freezes on your system with our games is to use the options screen, or the configure utility (if one is available for your game) to disable options in a trial and error fashion until you are able to run the game on your system. If you are still not able to get the game running, try the rest of these troubleshooting tips.

    • Have you updated your system's drivers?
      This problem is usually related to outdated or incorrectly loaded drivers. Please visit your sound, video, and 3D card manufacturer's websites for the most recently available drivers for the components in your system. Once you have downloaded and installed these drivers according to the manufacturer's suggestions, download and install DirectX from For more help with this, please .

    • Do you have an Nvidia GeForce based video card?
      If so, for updated troubleshooting information.

  • Do you have the latest patch from

  • Have you recently scanned your system for a virus?
    Even if you normally use Norton or McAffee virus scanning software, please visit, and run the online virus scan. This site is capable of finding certain obscure virus much better than the competitors.

  • Have you closed all programs running in the background?
    • reboot the PC
    • Once you are back to Windows, press ctrl-alt-del.
    • From the "Close Program" window that opens, the only two items that should appear in this list are Explorer and Systray.
    • To temporarily disable all other programs, highlight the first item in the list and click end task.
    • Continue this process until you have closed all programs except Explorer and Systray.
    • Start the game again.

  • Have you performed standard maintenance on your PC?
    • Run Scandisk
      1. Click Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools
      2. Select Scandisk
      3. Select your hard drive. If you have more than one, you should scan each drive individually.
      4. Click Standard
      5. Check Automatically fix errors.
      6. Click Start

  • Run Defrag
    1. Click Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools
    2. Select Disk Defragmenter
    3. Select the hard drive you wish to defrag and click ok.

  • Remove files from the temp directory
    1. Reboot the PC
    2. Once back in Windows, Right-click My Computer
    3. Left-click Explore
    4. From the right pane of Windows Explorer, double click C:\
    5. Double-click the Windows Folder, then find and double click the TEMP folder.
    6. Remove all files from this folder.
    7. Restart the Computer
    8. Empty the Recycle bin and run the installation again.

  • Have you properly uninstalled and reinstalled the game?
    1. Uninstall the game by clicking uninstall from the Start menu, the Autorun menu, or from Windows Add/Remove programs.
    2. Explore your hard drive for the game's installation folder
    3. Delete this folder, then empty your recycle bin
    4. reinstall the game, then add any patches available.

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