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How Many Missions / Levels are there in Rabbids Go Home?


The box says that there are 40 missions in the game, but I seem to only have 34 available. How can I reach all 40 missions in the game?


There are 37 levels + 3 mini-games which you unlock during the game.

Levels / Missions

All Pile on the Rabbid!

Shop Till You Drop

When You Go Downtown…

In the Nick of Time

Infectious Blues


Keep on Piling!

Just Plane Dumb

Rabbid-Fire Reaction

High Stakes Steak

Bubble Bed Bonanza

Super Racket…

When You Go Downtown…

Atomic Rabbid Blast

Rules are for Tools

Apocalypse Cow

Totally Tubing

Furryous Fun

Holy Pile of Junk!

Backwater Rabbids

Bubble Bed Blues

Time is Money, Honey

County Free-For-All

Hoppy Xmas

Cow-tch me if you can

Rabbids Go Boom

Fetchez la Vache

Hard-Hat Helping

Haredevil Rabbid

Hold Up in the Hangar

14-Carrot Rabbid

When You Go Downtown…

Till Rabbids Do Us Cart

Carry-On catastrophe

Scrap-Happy Rabbids

Moo-Ning Miami

King of the Pile!

Rabbid Do-What-I-Do

Shake up your Rabbid!


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