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Free Trial Version for The Crew


Does The Crew have a trial version?


Yes! To find the trial, please simply log in to Uplay PC and navigate to Games > Free Games. The trial version should be shown there. 

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This trial contains full content of The Crew along with the Calling All Units and Wild Run prologue. Some other facts: 
- If you have already played 2 hours in an previous Trial, you cannot play this again.
- Savegames are completely compatible so will continue into the full game if you choose to purchase it.
- Trial Download size: 17 Gb (Base game) + Wild Run Patch (6 Gb) + Calling All Units (2 Gb)= 25 Gb Total

For information on exactly how this works in the trial or for a new player please view the following (be aware, mild spoilers included):

Players begin the game as in The Crew base game: chased by the Police in an off road vehicle. After a few tutorial missions, you will meet Zoe Winters who will guide you further into the story.

Once in Freeride, Zoe introduces you to the Calling All Units gameplay and suggests that you try this. If you choose to do so, the Calling All Units prologue is then launched.

This prologue introduces the new character Clara Washington who chases Alex in a specific Calling All Units gameplay tutorial.

At the end of this Prologue you are then invited to enter the new Police Car Dealer and get a first Police car for free. If you do not own Calling All Units you are instead invited to buy the addon.

After all this, if you also do not own the Wild Run Add-on, Zoe suggest to train for the Wild Run activities. If you choose to do so, the Wild Run Prologue/Tutorial is launched.

First message you will receive when you enter the trial:

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Message you will received once your two hours trial has ended:

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If you are unsure if your computer can run the trial, please check the game's system requirements

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