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How Does Just Dance Unlimited Work?


How Does Just Dance Unlimited Work?


Just Dance Unlimited is a subscription streaming service that grants you unlimited access for the PS4, XboxOne, WiiU and PC to an ever-growing catalog of more than 200 tracks, playable via Just Dance 2017 for the duration of your subscription.
What does Just Dance Unlimited allow?
The Unlimited Pass allows you to access more than 200 songs at the release of Just Dance 2017, as well as access to new tracks that will be regularly added to our catalog.
How can I subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited?
Your game box includes a time-limited trial subscription to Just Dance Unlimited.
You will be able to redeem your code or subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited in-game. To do this go to Just Dance Unlimited tile, then select the desired option Enter code or Subscribe.
My Just Dance Unlimited subscription has expired, what will happen to my content?
If you are not subscribed anymore, you will not have access to the Unlimited content or the unlocked avatars.

From where can I renew my Just Dance Unlimited subscription?
You can chose among the following Just Dance Unlimited subscriptions :
- 24h pass 
- 1-month pass 
- 3-month pass
- 1-year pass

The Just Dance Unlimited subscriptions are available worldwide and can be purchased from the PSN Store, Nintendo e-shop, Xbox Live, Steam and Ubisoft Store.

Unfortunately, Just Dance Unlimited is not available for PS3Xbox 360 or Wii.

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