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Cannot Press X to Start


When launching Watch Dogs for the first time on my PS3, I'm prompted to "Press X to start" but nothing happens. How can I fix that?


To resolve the issue you are experiencing, please follow the below steps:  
1. Uninstall the game from your console using the guide from Sony's website.
2. Re-install the game, but do not launch it.
3. Next, disconnect your console from the internet.
4. Then, launch the game without internet access (if you are prompted for a patch upon launch, you did not disconnect from the internet).
5. Once the game launches without being prompted for a patch, proceed to the title screen.
6. Press X on the title screen and you should now be able to continue to the main menu.
7. Once on the main menu, do not start a new game. Instead, close the game and return to the PlayStation dashboard.
8. Now reconnect your console to the internet.
9. Launch the game once again and when prompted for a patch, download it.
10. After the patching finishes, continue into the game and now you can begin your new save file.

If you are experiencing the same issue after completing above steps, do not hesitate to contact us

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