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Changing your Growtopia account details


How can I change my account information?


As of 30 April 2020, all purchases in the in-game store are no longer available on the console version of Growtopia and the service for Growtopia on consoles will be discontinued on 30 July 2020. Please read our announcement on the official Growtopia forums for more information.

You can change most account details on the Growtopia website or in-game.

To change your email:

• Visit Growtopia Change Email.
• Enter your GrowID and the email address you used when creating your GrowID.
• Click Submit email change.
• An email containing will be sent to the address you entered.
• Open the link contained in the message and enter your new email address.
• A confirmation email will be sent to that address.
• Click the link contained in the message to finalise the change.

To change your password:

• Visit the Growtopia Password Recovery website.
• Enter your GrowID and the email address you used when creating your GrowID.
• Click Submit.
• An email containing a reset password link will be sent to the address you entered.

To change your GrowID, buy a birth certificate from the Shop.

To change your world name, buy a change of address from the Shop.

Please note that you can only use the above items once every 30 days, so pick out your new name carefully!

Changing your account name on console is not currently possible.

If you are having trouble remembering your account details, we may be able to help you recover them.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

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