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Features of the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands HQ app

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ offers four distinct functionalities:

 - A Satellite view of the world providing real time intelligence while playing Ghost Recon Wildlands. It will allow players to seamlessly access detailed tactical information without opening the main game tactical map. More.
 - A RPG mini game called Guerilla where you lead rebels in their struggle against the Santa Blanca cartel. In-app missions will unveil a prequel story to the main game and unlock extra resources to optimise your progression in Ghost Recon Wildlands. More.
 - CIA Files will provide background information about main characters and the geopolitical situation in Bolivia before the arrival of the Ghosts. More.
 - A Ghost Recon Network section will share some social functionalities with the eponymous website, including online chat, friends and Task Force lists, and news. More.


Ghost Satellite View

The Ghost satellite view is a map providing real time information on the player’s current session in Ghost Recon Wildlands.
Using the same Wi-Fi connection as your console or PC will allow the app to synchronize with the game and display the same information as the game tactical map, from hostile movements in the area to mission markers. There are more than 40 categories of information in total, and the mobile format allows more flexibility than simply looking up the tactical map in game menus.
The Ghost satellite view does not allow the user to send information to the main game.

It is possible to:
 - Filter the information you see on the Tactical map
 - Open the legend of the tacmap
 - Center the map on your character

Plus when playing with other players, the satellite view will display their positions and their in game username.

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Guerrilla Mini Game

Guerrilla is a game based on the same map as the Ghost satellite view. You manage a group of rebels each specialized in a field (spy, soldier, warrior, pickpocket, thief, pit fighter, ninja, jack of all trades) and send them to complete various missions spawning on the map for limited durations. 

Missions require specific abilities, and they may or may not be successful based on the stats line of the character and a random variable. Character statistics are Power, Discretion and Observation, each corresponding to a type of mission. Missions also require a travel time of several minutes depending on their distance to the rally point where the rebels stand. 

Once completed, missions reward the player with:
 - An XP gain for used rebels;
 - Sometimes, a random loot object which can be equipped to increase rebel stats;
 - Sometimes, a resource package to be used in the main game.

Resources obtained through missions can be accumulated and transferred to Ghost Recon Wildlands when the main game and the application are connected at the same time in Wi-Fi and the user is connected to his Ubisoft Club account.
In Ghost Recon Wildlands, these resources are necessary to improve the talents of you Ghost and can also be obtained as side missions rewards. 

Guerrilla includes a storyline progressing through dialogues between rebels and Karen Bowman. Legend icons also appear on the map and allow players to access some background information.

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CIA Files

This section offers a wide collection of short notes about the game’s background. They are all unlocked from the start and can be accessed at all times. There are six sections: Ghosts, Main characters, Bolivia, La Unidad, Santa Blanca, and Timeline. Some are particularly useful to understand the fictional geopolitical context of the game and discover how the situation escalated to the events of the main game.

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Ghost Recon Network


This section displays the latest news displayed in the game. The user will be able to read an abstract of the news. 
News are all displayed at the same time in this section.:
 - They can disappear after a certain date
 - They are associated to a category (Game, Community, Offer)
 - They can host a link to Ubisoft websites

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Just like in the Ghost Recon Network website, this section will allow people to have a conversation with their friends or Task Force members. The Ubisoft Club-connected user can start a conversation with whoever is connected to the website or the application. When a new message is posted in the conversation, and if the user has not the conversation open an in-app notification is sent to inform him. Only 1 to 1 conversation can be done on the application side.

The conversation can only be done between GR HQ owners or people connected to the Ghost Recon Network. No cross chat will be possible between the game and the app.

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Friend Members List
Ubisoft Club-connected users can synchronise their Friend list and use it to start private conversations, manage Friend requests, check other players’ profiles and apply to their friends’ Task Force.

Player profiles mostly include information about the player’s gamification level and Task Force, but a link to the friend’s Ghost profile on the website allows for a wider array of information and interactions. 

Task Force Members List
This section is mostly similar to the Friend members list, with the additional option to manage the Task Force:
 - Accept/refuse applicants
 - Promote/demote members
 - Remove players form the Task Force
 - Plus, information about the Task Force are displayed:
 - The emblem (which is a preset image coming from the game)
 - The name (set by the user on the website)
 - The tag (set by the user on the website)
 - The leader username

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