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Linking to Uplay


How do I link my Ubisoft Account to Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag?


On starting Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for the first time, you will be automatically prompted to link your new or existing Ubisoft Account. From this screen you can login to an existing Ubisoft Account by entering your registered Email address and password.

Note: Linking your account is optional, although PlayStation users will need to sign into Uplay once you reach level 5 in Multiplayer

Signing into your Ubisoft Account or registering for a new account
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If you are new to Uplay then you can select the option to Register and create a new account.

New user registration screen
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If you skip this step and wish to link your account at a later stage you can do so by pressing the Y button at the Multiplayer menu.

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Once you have created your account or entered your existing account information, your account has been successfully linked. You are now ready to take advantage of the benefits that come with Uplay.

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