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Gameplay Questions

How to complete missions in normal map?

You need to fullfill the mission requirements at each level. 
There are 3 levels of completion, and you can receive rewards for reaching 1st and 3rd stars:
1. By reaching first star, you get to unlock next location;
2. By reaching third star, you could receive 2 free plungers.

What are the rules for special map?

In special map, you unlock next location by reaching 3 stars instead of 1 star.
You spend 1 special map energy every time you start a run.
If you run out of energy, you cannot start a run again in special map.
The energy is refilled up every 20 minutes, or you can spend plungers to refill it manually.
If you finish all 10 levels successfully within given time, you will unlock the suit provided during that week and own it permanently.

How is the ‘Headstart’ useful?

The Headstart will boost you through the beginning of the game and help you get a higher score. You will need to spend plungers or cans to buy or upgrade the duration of the headstart.

How do I unlock new vehicles?

You can unlock new vehicles by reaching corresponding levels that are stated in the unlocking condition.

How do I upgrade existing vehicles?

You can spend cans or plungers in the shop page, under booster pack to upgrade them.

How do I unlock new suits?

There are several ways to unlock a suit:
1. By collecting enough fragments of a certain tier and get a random suit under the same tier;
2. By using daily suit draw and get one of the daily suit directly;
3. By using plungers to unlock any specific suit directly.

What are the fragments for?

The fragments are devided into 4 tiers, same as the suits:
By collecting enough fragments of a specific tier, you get to unlock a random suit under the same tier.

What are the suit tiers? How are they different from each other?

Suit are seperated into 4 tiers in order of their qualities:

Higher tiered suits' abilities are more powerful, also they can be upgraded more times:
-Common, maximum 4 levels
-Advanced, maximum 6 levels
-Rare, maximum 8 levels
-Epic, maximum 10 levels

Is it possible to get duplicated suit from completing fragments?

Yes, it's possible to receive a suit that you already own. When you receive it, you get an auto upgrade for that specific suit?

What happens if I receive a suit from lottery that is already fully upgraded?

It will be converted to some plungers, depends on the suit's tier.

What are daily suits?

Daily suits are the suits that you could directly unlock from lottery, each day, only 3 suits are available, and it will be changed every 24 hours.

What are daily quests?

Daily quests allow players to to receive certain rewards by completing the required actions. Players can only comeplete one quest per day, and they can come back the next day for better quest rewards. The rewards get better and better in a format of 7 quests. After the player completes the 7th quest, the reward automatically resets to the 1st one.

What are suit skills?

There are 3 suit skills, corresponding to 3 suit families:
1. Jumper suit family has the Double Jump skill, which allows you to jump again while in mid-air.
2. Destoyer suit family has the Charge skill, which allows you to smash through any obstable while the skill is activated.
3. Bling-Bling suit family has the Double Can skill, which enables your Pepper Can collection to be doubled while the skill is activated.

How do I use suit skills?

You can ues one of the skills by putting on a corresponding suit during the running session. You need to activate the skill manually to use it.
There are 3 ways to activate the skill:
1. By tapping on the skill icon
2. By double tapping any where on the screen
3. For iOS devices with 3D touch enabled, you can press firmly any where on the screen to activate the skill

What benefits will I receive by upgrading the suits and vehicles?

By upgrading suit, the skill cooldown will be decreased and the skill duration will be increased.
By upgrading vehicle, the duration for vehicle's speciall effects will be increased.

Can I invite my friends to play with me?

You can invite your friends to play with you under the "Invite Friends" section. In addition, you will receive some free plungers if you send out enough invitations!

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