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Assassin's Creed III Group Matchmaking Information

1. What is a group?
2. How do I create a group?
3. Where can I find my group invitation?
4. How to invite a player while in the group creation menu?
5. Why can't my friends join a group?

What is a group?

A group will allow you to play AC3 Multiplayer with your friends in the same session. Groups are composed of two to four players.

The group leader is in charge of selecting which game mode will be played.

Things to know about groups:

1. The group leader is the only one that can choose the game category and mode.

2. The group leader can leave a session as a group or quit both the group and the session.

3. If the group leader exits the group, one of the members will become the leader.

4. If a group member leaves a session, he will also leave the group.

5. A group leader can remove any group member by selecting his name.

6. If you launch the game alone, the group will be cancelled since you are required to have more than one player for a group.

7. The following icons will indicate the group leader and group members:
User-added image represents a group leader, and User-added image represents a group member.

How do I create a group?

1. Starting at the Multiplayer main menu, select Custom Match or Wolf Pack.
User-added image

2. Press Back (Xbox 360) or Select (PlayStation 3).
User-added image

3. Access the invite menu by pressing X (Xbox 360) or A (PS3) and choose to invite friends.
User-added image

4. Once the invites have been accepted by your friends, you can press B (Xbox 360) or O (PS3) to return to the custom match menu.

5. At this point you can launch the game to begin.

Where can I find my group invitation?

Group invitations can be found at the Xbox 360 guide or within your messages on the PlayStation 3.

On PlayStation 3, you can also use the Invites Received button to view your invites.
User-added image

How do I invite a player while already in the group creation menu?

While you are playing, you can continue to send a group invite via the Abstergo Social menu by selecting Friends.
User-added image

Why can't my friends join a group?

There are multiple reasons why a friend may not be able to join a group.

1. The group invite was accepted after the game was launched.

2. The group invite was accepted after all group spaces filled up.

3. The group invite was accepted after a group leader migration.

4. The group invite was accepted during matchmaking.

5. One or more group members have a moderate or strict NAT type.

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