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Who is my hero?
You are a looter, an adventurer seeking, glory, fame, epic stuff and gold.

Are there preset characters that I have to choose?
No, you are free to create your own powerful hero through a wide selection of equipment!

Can I customize my character?
You are able to choose the gear that your hero wears, from what you have looted, to show off all of his glorious magnificence. You cannot, however, customise your hero's general characteristics.

How do I access dungeons?
In order to start your journey towards becoming the most renowned, badass, lootastic hero, you need to tap the orange CAMPAIGN button in the QUEST menu. There you can select the dungeon you wish to venture into.

How do I unlock levels & dungeons?
By clearing the foul infestation of creatures in the dungeon before it, and looting them of all their delicious gear!

How do I choose the difficulty?
In the CAMPAIGN selection menu, a button in the top right of the screen allows you to switch from CLASSIC to HEROIC or, for the grandest of heroes, to MIGHTY.

Can I replay a specific dungeon?
Yes! You only need to select the level again from the CAMPAIGN menu to run it again and gather even more magnificent loot!

What are the controls for my hero?
Hold and move to run / Tap or hold to attack / Swipe to roll / Touch the icon to use your skills.

What are skills? Where can I change them? 
Skills are very useful powers or spells that help you in your butt-kicking quest for loot and gold! You can select up to three skills. In the HERO menu, you can access the SKILLS menu.

Can I only use skills a limited number of times per day?
After use, skills charge over time with every attack you make. They have no limit to how many times they can be charged and used to cause absolute mayhem.

How can I change my equipment?
In the HERO section, touch GEARS. Select the slot you want to change, touch the gear you want to equip, and touch EQUIP.

I can't loot any more gear! What's wrong?
Your hero has his own personal coffer where he stashes his loot, the size of this STASH is limited though. You can access this glorious reservoir of loot by tapping the sack icon in the top right of the game menu. When you've run out of space in your STASH, there are a few things that you can do: 
- If you want to horde all of your amazing loot, you can add more space to your STASH for 500 coins. Simply tap the button in the bottom-left of the STASH window. 
- If your previously glorious loot is looking a little rusty and not seeing much use, you can recycle it to get precious gold. Simply tap the RECYCLE button in the bottom-right of the STASH window,  select the gear you wish to clear out of your STASH and hit RECYCLE again. 

What is ENERGY?
ENERGY is used to perform specific actions, like entering a dungeon. Different actions require differing amounts of ENERGY. 

How do I get more ENERGY?
There are a many ways to get more ENERGY in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot:
- ENERGY recharges at a rate of one energy every six minutes. 
- You can also restore ENERGY equal to your energy cap immediately and get a free RAID ticket for 10 GEMS. 
- By claiming an energy code (See our social media channels)
- Completing daily quests

Can I increase my maximum ENERGY?
Yes! Your maximum ENERGY increases as you level up.

Can my ENERGY exceed the limit?
Your energy can burst beyond its limits through purchasing energy with gems or claiming a community event code (See our Facebook page).

How do I buy more ENERGY?
Your energy can burst beyond its limits through purchasing energy with gems or claiming a community event code (See our Facebook page).

How do I accept ENERGY, GEMS and COINS provided by codes or support agents?
A prompt window will pop up in your game telling you what has been received. No additional actions need to be taken as it will automatically find its way into your hero's pockets.

Can I run dungeons with friends?
No, you cannot run dungeons directly alongside friends. You can, however participate in events and guild actions together to reach goals.

What is the meaning of my statistics?
The sword icon indicates your strength, the heart icon represents your health, the explosion icon displays your critical hit percentage and the shield illustrates your defence. Health and defence may be useful for a mighty barbarian swinging a deadly two-handed axe, however you might want to focus on strength and critical hit percentage if you prefer the tactical play style of a mystical wizard. But watch out! Neglecting one stat can cost you your life, or even worse… loot!

What is the meaning of the stars on my equipment?
It's the potential of your equipment. Create the most glorious equipment by upgrading and ranking it up. Once fully enhanced, all stars will be filled.

How do I upgrade my equipment?
Select an item, go to its INFO section. There, you can upgrade your stuff!

What is the Might and how do I optimize it?
Your Might combines all your stats together to indicate the general badassery of your hero. Choose the right equipment for your play style to optimize it.

How do get I get better weapons and equipment? 
By crushing your foes in dungeons, and taking their loot, or by opening free and epic chests.
How many dungeons do I have access to? 
There are currently 12 CAMPAIGN dungeons and 6 daily dungeons, each containing multiple stages for you to complete.
The Skills are on the wrong side of the screen for me, can I change it?
You can change this by one of the following methods: 
- Selecting SETTINGS from the QUEST menu and accessing the CONTROLS options. There you can choose either LEFT or RIGHT controls.
- Pausing the game while in a dungeon and tapping the COGWHEEL. From there you can touch CONTROLS and  select either LEFT or RIGHT controls.

Are you going to release more dungeons?
Yes, new dungeons and levels will be part of future updates.

Are there ads in-game?
No! The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is all about the non-stop looting.

Where can I get promotional codes?
There are currently no promotional codes available for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.


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