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South Park Phone Destroyer - Account information

Can I play on multiple devices?
Yes, you can play on multiple iOS or Android devices as long as you are signed in with the same Game Center (on iOS) or Google (on Android) accounts.

Can I transfer my progress from iOS to Android or the other way around?
Unfortunately, it's not possible to transfer your progress from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS.

I've lost my progress!
Make sure you are signed in with the correct Game Center account (if you play on iOS device) or Google account (if you play on Android device).

I'm using the correct account, but my progress is still lost!
Contact our customer support . Provide them with as much information about your account as you can - your in-game name, New Kid level, PVP rank and so on.

​My game doesn't start!
Make sure you play on a supported device.*Make sure you are logged in with a Game Center or Google account.*If nothing helps, contact our customer support .*

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