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Game strategy for Might & Magic: Era of Chaos

How do I get unit skills in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos?
Units start with one skill at white. Each advancement to blue, purple, and orange unlocks one new skill.

How do I play Gate in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos?
Gate contains three distinct stages. Players get 2 challenge attempts per day for each stage, with different rewards given upon completion. As players level up, more difficult challenges will unlock. The better you perform during these challenges, the greater the reward.
Gate produces: coins, unit EXP, talent potions, and more.

What are the unit attributes in Might & Magic?
There are 4 unit attributes: ATK, DEF, HP, and ATK SPD.

ATK: Attack damage. Stronger attacks deal higher damage.
DEF: Defense against all attack damage. Higher defense means taking less damage.
HP: Health. Higher HP means a greater chance at survival.
ATK SPD: Higher attack speed means a higher frequency of attacks by player units.

How do I get units in Might & Magic?
Unit Tokens can be synthesized in the Units Formation screen to create a new unit.

How to get tokens:
1. Altar: Use keys or diamonds at the altar to summon Unit Tokens or whole cards.
2. Shop: Specialized currency can be used at various shops to exchange for Unit Tokens.
3. Underground stages: Gain as loot from playing Underground stages, or acquire from stage star chests, special events, and more.
4. Other methods: Carnivals, login rewards, limited wishes, and other events.

What are artifacts used for in Might & Magic?
Gather specific individual artifacts to activate and combine them. Each artifact possesses different attributes and has an effect on units.

Activating and combining artifacts will also trigger selective combined artifact effects.

Individual artifacts can be upgraded to different qualities and can then be used to advance combined artifacts for even better attribute bonuses.

What kind of attributes do heroes have in Might & Magic?
There are four hero attributes: Attack, defense, spell, and knowledge. Hero attributes directly influences units.

Attack: Increases ATK of all units.
Defense: Increases damage reduction of all units.
Spell: Increases a hero's spell DMG.
Knowledge: Increases spell damage reduction.

How do I rank up units in Might & Magic?
Collect unit tokens to rank up units. Ranked up units gain an overall increase to their attributes.

Players can perform activation after gathering enough tokens. Once all 10 stars are activated, the unit can be ranked up.

How do I level up units in Might & Magic?
Players can gain unit EXP through stages, missions, purchases, and other methods.

Use unit EXP to increase unit levels by tapping on upgrade via the [Units] - [Upgrade] screen. Leveling up a unit will increase its base attributes.

How do I promote a hero in Might & Magic?
Similar to units, heroes can be ranked up using tokens. A ranked up hero gains an overall increase to base attributes.

A ranked up hero also unlocks new specialties to enhance certain troop abilities. Different heroes have different specialties.

As a reminder, tokens can be acquired through altar, star chests from Underground stages, market exchange, and more.

How do I advance units in Might & Magic?
Any unit can be advanced to the next level where they will gain a sizable increase in power.

Each advancement requires four types of material to achieve the desired quality.

Materials can be acquired through stages, chests, and more. There are 5 qualities, from lowest to highest: White, green, blue, purple, and orange.

How do I deploy formations in Might & Magic?
Tap on Deploy in "Main City" to change the positions of heroes and units. The units displayed in the center of the screen are the ones who will be deployed in battle.

The area below contains a list of deployable units and heroes.

Players can tap and hold any of the unit or hero avatars and drag them to any position within the formation in the center of the screen. Completing a strategic and rational formation is key in attaining victory.

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