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Account in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos

What can I use to log into the game?
Android users can log in with Facebook and Google Play.

Apple users can log in with Facebook and Game Center.

You can still bind your Facebook account after binding your Google Play or Game Center account to the game.

Binding your Facebook account lets you log into the game on different devices.

If you don't select a platform when you first log into the game, you will get a local guest account by default for character creation and game records.

Is a guest account safe?

If your save data is attached to the guest account, we recommend binding your account to any one of the following platforms: Facebook, Google Play, Game Center. Clearing your device cache or uninstalling the game while on a guest account will likely erase all saved game progress, which cannot be recovered.

Will I keep my progress in-game if I uninstall the game or change devices?

If you log in using or bind a Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center account, your save data will not be lost. When changing devices or reinstalling, all you need to do is log into the game with the relevant account to sync your latest saved data.
If you're using a guest account, the save data is likely to be lost and unrecoverable.

Can Apple and Android users play with one another in-game?

Apple and Android users can play together as long as they're on the same server, so remember to invite your friends.

I have both an Apple phone and an Android phone. How do I play the game on both platforms at once?

1. Bind your Facebook account to the game to freely switch between devices when logging in.
2. If you log in using Google Play or Game Center, you have to first bind your Facebook account.

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