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How Do I Change the Language?


How do I change the language in the game?


There is no way to change the language once you are in the game. There is an option at the beginning that will start the game in different languages however. In order to change the language, you will need to completely clear the data and start fresh.

To clear the game data:
  1. Start the game. When you get to the screen that has the two options Daily Session and Backpack, choose the Backpack option.
  2. Once there you will see a list of options. Just touch the blue arrow that is at the bottom of the touch screen to scroll through these options.  You will see Options as one of the selections. It will be the bottom selection. Choose this option.
  3. Find the option Erase All.  Select this and it will give the choice on clearing all data.

Note: If the options selection has a little lock next to it you will have to get through the opening tutorial sequences before being able to access the options. Just keep tapping and choosing the different things that pop up (if you are given a choice of a pink or green option always choose the pink option). Once that is done, you will be able to choose the Backpack selection.


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