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How Does the Voice Chat Work?


How do I use the voice chat features in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood?


Start by loading up an Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer match. Once the match has started, you can locate the following options by pausing your game and selecting Options --> General.

Voice Chat: On/Off (Allows you to enable or disable voice chat)
Voice Chat Volume: 1 - 10 (Allows you to adjust the volume of player voices)
Voice Chat Action: Push to talk / Toggle (Allows you to change the action required to communicate)

Push to Talk (Default)
While in Push to Talk mode, players will need to hold down the "G key" in order to talk.

While in Toggle mode, players can press the "G key" once to turn on the mic and begin talking. Players can then have to press the "G key" a second time to turn off the mic.

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