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Using the Baby Black Dragon Dynasty Pet reward in Heroes VI Shades of Darkness


How do I use the Black Baby Dragon Dynasty Pet reward?


You can purchase the Baby Black Dragon Dynasty Pet reward on Uplay for 30 Uplay points.
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The Baby Black Dragon Pet can be used in Multiplayer or Skirmish mode. It cannot be used for single-player campaigns.

To use your new Dynasty Pet
•  Go to the Main Menu and select My Dynasty.
•  Select the Switch to my Dynasty tab in the bottom left of the screen.
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•  Chose the Hero you want to play as, then select the Dynasty Pets tab.
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•  Chose the Baby Black Dragon from the options, then select the tick that appears.
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Now the pet's skill will be assigned to your Hero's available slot. During combat, you will now be able to use this skill once every in-game week.
For the Baby Black Dragon, the skill assigned is Mommy.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

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