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Battles in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

What can I do in the Team Selection menu?
On this screen you can select the Creatures you want to bring to the battlefield. You can save up to 3 different team compositions.

I don’t know which creatures to select for the battle. What do I do?
In the Team Selection menu, your Creatures are sorted by their Rank (the number of Stars they have). Select your strongest Creatures for more chances of success in combat. You can also experiment with other combinations to adopt different battle strategies.

What does the blue circle below my Creature mean?
In battle, the blue circle displayed underneath a Creature means that it is their turn to execute an action.

Where are my Creatures’ Skills? How can I use them?
When it is your Creature’s turn to attack, their Skills appear in the bottom right corner of the battle screen. Every creature has 3 different Skills to use.

Why can’t I use a Skill?
The 2 most powerful Skills of each Creature usually have a Cooldown and cannot be used each turn. If you cannot use a Skill, this means you have used it recently and you need to wait the indicated number of turns before it becomes available again.

Where can I read a description of a Skill?
You can read the description of a given Skill by tapping and holding on its icon, whether you are in the middle of a battle, or quietly browsing your collection.

How do I attack an enemy?
To attack an enemy, you must first pick the desired Skill to use and then tap on the target of your choice.

What do the bars above my Creature mean?
-    The green bar is the Life bar.
-    The blue bar is the Turn bar.
The Turn bar fills according to the speed of your Creature. When it is full, it means this is now the turn of this Creature to execute an action.

What does the colored arrow above the enemy mean?
These arrows are an indication of the elemental advantage or disadvantage your Creatures have towards specific enemies: Fire > Earth > Air > Water > Fire
-    When the arrow is Red: You will deal less damage.
-    When the arrow is Yellow: You will deal a normal amount of damage.
-    When the arrow is Green: You will deal more damage.

How can my Hero cast a Spell?
After some fighting time, Heroes are able to use their magic to cast a Spell. To use a Spell, you simply have to tap on your Hero’s spell icon when it appears.

What are the buttons in the bottom-left corner of the battle screen?
There are 2 additional functions during a battle: one to define the desired Speed of the battle and the other to enable or disable the Auto mode, where you allow your Creatures to choose their own actions.

How do I change the Speed of the battle?
You just need to tap the “x1” button located in the bottom left corner of the screen. There are 3 Speed options to choose from: x1, x2 and x3. Below the button, an indicator will also display the current battle speed.

What does the Auto button do?
Tap on the Auto button to allow your Creatures to choose their own Skills to use. Your Creatures will play without any input from you. Keep in mind that, as they are less experienced than you, sometimes your decisions will be better than theirs.

How do I win a battle?
To win a battle you need to defeat all waves of enemy Creatures before they vanquish every Creature in your own team. Your Hero cannot win a battle on their own, and at least one of your Creatures must remain alive throughout the battle.

How do I quit a battle?
To exit a battle, you simply need to tap the Settings button in the top right corner of the screen. Below the “Exit battle” label, you will find the 2 following options: 
-    HOME: To go back to the game’s main menu.
-    MAP: To go back to the World Map.

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