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The Growtopian Code

Tolerate and respect each other
•  Try to keep an open mind when dealing with other Growtopians.
•  Keep all your language at a family-friendly level.
•  Do not harass others. May it be because of your different views or because they are new to the game.
•  Do not single out other players. Whether they violate rules or not, it is not appropriate to call out someone publicly, please report them to the Customer Support Team or Moderators.
•  Steer clear of discussing potentially controversial topics, including but not limited to Politics and Religion.
•  Respect other Growtopians even if their values and beliefs are not the same as yours. This also includes respect to our Moderators. They are actual people, so please be mindful of your behavior and messages toward them.

Give everyone a favorable gaming experience
Growtopians that are harmful to the community will be sanctioned accordingly and may be suspended permanently for but not limited to the following:

•  Having an inappropriate in-game name or world name.
•  Acting in a vulgar, offensive, racist, and otherwise inappropriate manner.
•  Spamming, harassing or mistreating other players in any way, including Moderators.
•  Lies, fake worlds, trickery, and devious methods (i.e. glitches to auto-ban or crash) to mistreat other players.
•  Usage of hacks including, but not limited to, client-side manipulation, auto-clickers, speed hacks, clock manipulation, bots, macroing, and auto-farming.
•  Scamming other players (Drop Games, Trust Test Games, Worlds with fake prizes, Dirt Games, etc.)
•  Any form of betting or in-game gambling (Casino).
•  Impersonating Staff members and Moderators by any means.
•  Promoting fake moderator applications and phishing websites.
•  Buying, selling, or sharing Growtopia accounts, items, or worlds for real money.
•  Buying, selling, or trading Growtopia accounts in exchange for in-game items or currency.
•  Asking for a refund of their purchases after consuming them.
•  Sending false claims to Support in order to gain a benefit.
•  Trying to circumvent permanent suspensions (ban evading).

After any of your accounts is permanently suspended you are in no way allowed to log in to the game and play as this is what is considered "Ban Evasion" which is punishable by permanent suspension on all accounts involved.

Your account is your responsibility
While it is our responsibility to secure the game and the information you have entrusted to us, it is also your responsibility to make sure that your account and items are safe by making sure to do the following:

•  Make sure to keep your account secure.
•  Register with a valid and working email address. The email address attached to your GrowID is how we verify account ownership.
•  Make sure to never share your login credentials with anyone. We will never ask for your password.
•  Ignore in game broadcasts or social media posts claiming that you have won a giveaway or that the Growtopia Team is looking for moderators. These are attempts to direct you to phishing websites and to steal your account.
•  Use Doors, Locks, and Blocks wisely in the game to protect your worlds and the items in it.

Customer Support and Moderators are always with you
The Growtopia Team is always aiming to provide you with the best gaming experience. Since the moderation team receives thousands of reports daily, please do not feel ignored if they aren’t able to respond to you. You can check if there are any moderators online by typing /mods on your chat box. Please remember that all moderators have an ‘@’ in their names and their names are always purple (e.g. @NekoRei).

How to report a player or a world?

Please also note that you can report a player or a world even without messaging a moderator, just follow these steps:

•  To report a world, type the /report command and write a quick note to tell us what rules are being violated by the world.
•  To report a player, wrench the player and write a quick note to tell us what rules were broken by the player.

The Customer Support Team can also help you with issues such as harassment and bullying over private messages in-game. Do not hesitate to send in your report and let the us deal with them.

Please note that reports sent to the Customer Support Team and Moderators are confidential and may include information that should not be shared. Any conversation between players and us that is posted externally is subject to deletion.

Keep the Forum a pleasant place
Please tolerate and respect each other regardless of the differences in views. This rule includes but is not limited to the following:

•  Treat all users with respect.
•  Use family-friendly language.
•  Do not threaten anyone in any way.
•  Do not troll or mistreat others.
•  Do not post sexual or in any other way inappropriate content.
•  Be tolerant of others' beliefs, cultures, and personal quirks.
•  Avoid posting about controversial topics such as Religion or Politics.
•  When disagreeing with someone make your points calmly, politely, and preferably, with evidence.

Members who are unable to remain civil in these ways or in other ways will be given warnings or infractions. Multiple violations will result in an account suspension.

Also, please be aware of the following:

•  Threads posted in the wrong sub-forum may be deleted.
•  Avoid spam, includes the following:
•  Posting multiple copies of the same thread.
•  Bumping your own thread repeatedly.
•  Do not advertise other games and/or companies.
•  Use appropriate signatures/profile pictures
•  Avoid talking about in-game exploits and hacks and sharing websites
•  Do not address moderators, staff members or Ubisoft in the thread title.

If you notice your post was removed it is for a reason, which is why you should not post it again.

Ubisoft has the legal rights to every single part of Growtopia
Ubisoft is the sole owner of Growtopia’s Intellectual Property Rights, including all the game assets and sprites. You have our permission to use in-game sprite and assets, as long as the following conditions are met:

•  You must credit Growtopia and Ubisoft for the assets used.
•  You are not allowed to generate revenues or other monetary purposes.
•  The application must not be a game on its own, but a helpful tool for Growtopia users (such as a companion app).
•  The approval of the applications is per Ubisoft's discretion and can be withdrawn at any time, resulting in the removal of the application at any moment.
•  The application must not break Growtopia's and Ubisoft's Terms and Conditions in any way.

•  You must credit Growtopia and Ubisoft for the assets used.
•  The art must not be used for any monetary purposes.

Producing merchandise using Growtopia assets and sprites are strictly prohibited. Usage of any of them without permission is punishable by law. Check out Ubisoft’s Terms of Use for more details.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions.

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