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Content Ownership in Watch Dogs 2

You can check if you own a piece of content from the Premium Content list in the main menu. To find it:
- From the Main Menu, select Premium Content

main menu premium content selected
- On the next screen, you'll be able to browse the content that you already own or that is available to buy (a price tag indicates that you would need to buy it)

Premium Content List

Note that some pieces of content need to be downloaded to be available in game. If there is no price tag, you can safely select it and download it. In the other case, you'll have to purchase the content before being able to find it in game.

Moreover, some content may need to be further unlocked through gameplay: certain missions, for example can be selected in the DedSec app only after a certain amount of followers is reached.

If you own the content but can't find it in-game, it may be that you need to play further to unlock it. 

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