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Rabbids Heroes - Technical Questions

Do I need an Internet connection to play?
Yes, you need an internet connection to play Rabbids Heroes. A Wi-Fi access or a 3G cellular connection is required.

I have some ideas to improve the game, how can I send them to you?
We are always open to consider your ideas and suggestions to keep improving the game over time to make sure you’ll love it even more.
We would suggest that you post them on our official forums in this section: http://bit.ly/1syLoKb
It will be easier for you to elaborate on them and discuss it with other players.

The game is "soft launched", what does that mean?
Soft launch means that the game is not worldwide available.
Behold the list of country where the game is playable:
- Canada
Keep in mind that the game will soon be released worldwide!

What is a "Ubisoft account”?
If you didn't know it yet, Rabbids Heroes is a game developed by Ubisoft. To make your life easier as a player, we have created an account where you'll find all your friends or your saved games.

Can I log into Rabbids Heroes with my Ubisoft/Facebook account?
Yes, of course! Logging in will automatically add all your Ubisoft/Facebook friends into your friends list. After that, you'll be able to see who is playing the game and challenge them in one click.

Can I log in after playing anonymously?
Yes, you can log in to a Ubisoft account after having been playing with an anonymous account. By doing so and if you save your data on a Ubisoft account, it will replace your current anonymous account.

Can I continue my progress on another device?
Yes, playing while you are logged into a Ubisoft account is the best thing to do! In order to access your Rabbids Heroes account saved data on another device, you simply need to log in to Ubisoft Connect with the same account. You'll instantly retrieve your saved data back; however you must remain logged in with the same Ubisoft account to have access to your data.

I changed my mobile phone, can I restore my saved data on my new device?
Yes, it works the same way than when you want to continue your progress on another device, you just need to log in with your Ubisoft /facebook account in game and all your saved data will be restored.

What are the devices compatible with the Rabbids Heroes app?
To play Rabbids Heroes, you need a mobile device.

The game is compatible with:

iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air (5 Gen), iPad Air 2 (6 Gen), iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPod 5.

To find out if your device is compatible, visit the game page on Google Play Store connected with your Google account. If your device is linked to your Google account, the page will tell you whether or not it is currently compatible.

Rabbids Heroes is not available for my mobile device. Why?
We want to ensure you have the best playing experience, so unfortunately Rabbids Heroes is not available for all mobile devices. It is also possible that your mobile device is not powerful or recent enough.

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