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Approved digital distributors of in-game currency

We recommend purchasing virtual currency for PC versions of our games directly from the Ubisoft Store, in-game store, or companies that have a digital distribution agreement with Ubisoft.

The following list of all approved virtual currency retailers was last updated on 17/09/2019.

Amazonamazon.com | amazon.de | amazon.fr | amazon.co.uk | amazon.co.jp
EpicPurchases can be made in-game.
SteamPurchases can be made in-game.
Ubisoft Storestore.ubi.com
Ubisoft ConnectPurchases can be made in-game.
Any sellers outside of this list do not have an official partnership with us.

Keep in mind that if an online retailer offers you a product at an unbelievable price and they request your Ubisoft credentials, it is likely that your Ubisoft account is the product.

Using their services may compromise the security of your Ubisoft account and lead to sanctions.

If you need more information on in-game purchases or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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