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Accessibility features available in Just Dance 2019

In this article we put together an overview of the available accessibility features in Just Dance 2019

Does this game include assist features?  No
Are there multiple difficulty levels?  Yes, aside from the regular difficulty, an extreme mode for multiple songs can be unlocked after scoring enough points.
Does this game include QTE/button mashing features?  No
Does this game include slow motion mechanics or the ability to set the game’s speed?  No
Is it possible to replay tutorials or cut-scenes?  No
Does this game feature vibration feedback?  On Nintendo Switch, you can activate beat vibrations when you're launching a song.
Can this game be paused at all times?  Yes

Is it possible to enable subtitles?  You can activate the lyrics of the songs in the Settings menu of your Profile.
Can I customise the lyrics?  No
Is there an option to enable lyrics background?  No
Am I able to configure levels for effects, speech and background/music noises?  No
Is there a surround sound option?  No
Are all audio cues accompanied by visual cues?  No. However, pictogrammes will help you to execute any choreography. 

Am I able to remap keys and controls for this game?  No
Does this game include eye-tracking features?  No
I have a specific controller with a particular input method, can I use it?  Please have a look at our supported peripherals article.
Is it possible to change the sensitivity for controls and buttons?  No 

Does this game include colourblind modes?  No
Are there any features to support vision when key elements occur?  Partially. Some visual effects are triggered when you have to do a Yeah move. 
Is it possible to deactivate any flickering features?  No
Is it possible to change game’s contrast?  No
Can I rearrange the game interface? Can I resize my interface?                                                                                                                       Partially. You can deactivate some elements on your screen such as the pictogrammes or the lyrics. However, it is not possible to move or resize these elements.

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