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Applying engravings in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Engravings are additions that can be applied to any weapon or piece of armoor. Each piece of equipment has one slot for an Engraving of your choice. The only exception are items for the Adrestia, your ship. 

In gameplay terms, an Engraving adds a certain bonus to your equipment. The better the Engraving, the higher the bonus. There are a lot of different types in the game that offer different bonuses. Examples include increased health or damage. 

Not every type of Engraving can be applied to every type of equipment. Some work on melee weapons only, for example. 

Engravings unlock once you complete certain actions in the game, like quests or challenges. You can see the unlock requirements of an Engraving in the list explained later on in the article.

To apply an Engraving, you need a blacksmith. Visit any blacksmith in-game and talk to them to access the Engrave option.
From that menu, choose the weapon or piece of armour and Engraving you would like to combine.

If you select a piece of equipment that already has an Engraving, you can replace it by applying a different one. A new Engraving will always replace a previous one, the effects do not stack. 

You can check all Engravings that are available to you and which ones are currently applied to your weapons and armour by opening your Inventory and selecting Engrave.

This overview will also show you the requirement for Engravings that are still locked as well as your progress towards them.
Engraving list in player inventory
Alternatively, you can check weapons and armour individually in your inventory and see if they are engraved already. If not, the item description will show you how much a blacksmith will charge for the service of engraving an item. 
Engraved and not engraved items
To view all Engravings available in the game and to purchase them using Drachmae, visit Hephaistos's Forge.
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