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In app purchases

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Please note: It is important that you protect your account login information to protect your account from unauthorized charges. If you are concerned about Mobile In-App Purchases please note that you can create a password to control access to your device

How to disable mobile purchases - Apple Devices
From your devices home screen, tap the SETTINGS icon --> GENERAL --> select ENABLE RESTRICTIONS.
Choose a 4-number pin code to protect your restrictions.
Then finally, swipe the IN-APP PURCHASES green button to the left.
You can re-access this menu & swipe right to allow In-App Purchases again.

How to buy more Energy
When you run out of Energy, a pop-up will offer you two choices:
- GET THROUGH FRIENDS --> select this option and ask them for Energy, (you can also do this at any point in the game) by selecting your friends in the pop-up interface. You will need to be connected to Facebook to do so;
- PURCHASE ENERGY ITEMS --> purchase Energy items like Coffee, Donut and Pizza for more investigating time!

How to buy Power-Ups
Before you start investigating a Crime Scene, you reach an interface where you can select a partner and Power-Ups.
If you already have a Power-Up, you can select this one by just tapping it. If you don’t have any yet, you can tap the button below it with its cost. 
New Power-Ups unlock throughout the game every time you level-up.
Please note that you’ll need COINS in order to purchase Power-Ups.

How to buy a new Avatar
You get to create your first Avatar for FREE at the end of the tutorial!
As you progress in the game, more and more styles will be available (hair, clothes, face, accessories & a couple of rad surprises!), giving you a lot of nifty customization options for your Avatar!
To access the Avatar interface, go to the MAP screen then tap the AVATAR button.
Note: You can preview any of the unlocked items but you will need to buy them to keep them equipped. To finalize a purchase, please tap at the bottom of the selected item where its cost is displayed then confirm the purchase on the pop-up that will appear. Anything you purchase is YOURS permanently.

I just purchased a bundle but it never came through. What can I do?
Please go to the SETTINGS menu --> OPTIONS tab --> tap the RESTORE PURCHASES button. If that still doesn’t work, try the troubleshooting solutions here  or contact us directly via this link.

What are the COINS and how do I get them?
COINS are a currency that can be earned through the game. 
With COINS you can purchase POWER-UPS and AVATAR items. 
If you are in need of extra COINS, you can purchase some by tapping the “+” button close to your COIN balance.
Real money will be required to complete the transaction and it will be safely made through the AppStore.

What is CASH and how do I get some?
CASH is a currency that can only be purchased through the “+” button close to your CASH balance.
With CASH you can:

- Purchase Energy Items such as Coffee, Donut and Pizzas to investigate longer!
- Speed up analysis to help your favorite forensics and discover the results straight away!
- Unlock a new episode straight away without asking friends to help you!

Real Money will be required to complete the transaction and it will be safely made through your device's appstore.

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