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CSI: Hidden Crimes Gameplay Questions

Can I play on multiple devices?
Yes, you can! However, if you want your progression to be the same on all devices, you have to use the Facebook Connect feature on all of your devices, using the same Facebook account.

How do I complete a star?
You will have to search a Crime Scene multiple times to get enough reward points & eventually complete a star. The more you visit a scene, the better you memorize the items’ place, the less time it takes to find the Hidden Objects, hence, the faster you complete a star! But don’t forget – you are not a private detective, so playing with your friends will also help you complete stars faster!>

Can it take less time to complete an analysis?
Our forensics are working as fast as they can – but you can speed up the process by sparing some currency!
Speed up analysis to help your favorite forensics & discover the results straight away!
Tap the FINISH NOW button. You need to have enough CASH to do so. The amount of CASH required is indicated on the button. (Please refer to the “In-App Purchases” FAQ for more information about how to do so.)

How do I get to the next episode?You need to complete the main story objectives of an episode to unlock the next one.
You need the help from a maximum of 3 friends, get 2 more stars or pay the displayed amount of CASH in order to proceed to your next episode.
If you already finished an episode and want to complete the remaining stars of that episode, go back to the map screen and tap on the episode pin you want to access. This will open a Pop-up window where you will be able to confirm your choice. It will cost you less energy to re-investigate closed cases!

I can’t find a hidden object! What should I do?
You have access to different assistance outside and inside an investigation scene.

INSIDE A CRIME SCENE: You can hold your finger on a specific word plate in the top list at any time and a small window will slide in to reveal what the Object looks like in the scene. 
Note: you still need to look for it in the scene and the Object may be obscured by another one.
Also, the HINT button located at the bottom right corner of an investigation scene will pinpoint a single Object from the top bar list. This feature is free of cost and is not limited in the amount of use. You will not have a point penalty for using the HINT during an investigation. However, a cool down time will prevent you from re using it right away.

BEFORE A CRIME SCENE: Additionally, before jumping into a scene you can add specific POWER-UPS which will unlock in the PARTNER SELECTION screen when you level up. They will help you to easily find Objects in the scene. 

The TIME ATTACK MODE is the challenging game mode for the most brilliant CSIs. You will have to find the maximum number of words within a limited time. Please note that the time limit increases as you progress in the Crime Scene. 

What is my BASE SCORE?
Your BASE SCORE is earned when you discover Hidden Objects in the Crime Scenes. It can be valuable Objects such as clues or normal Objects, but both will reward you with a BASE SCORE.
Please note that the BASE SCORE is different in the normal Crime Scenes and the TIME ATTACK MODE.

How is the TIME BONUS calculated?
The TIME BONUS rewards the fastest CSIs. Depending on how much time you spent in the Crime Scene, you’ll get a TIME BONUS more or less significant. Memorizing the Objects the best you can will enable you to reach the best TIME BONUS score.

What are the Combos?
If you find several Objects within a short time, you make combos and get additional score. The longer the chain of Combo is, the better your score. Please note that an incorrect tap will reset the Combo bar, so be accurate in order to get the maximum score!

What are the GOLDEN WORDS?
The GOLDEN WORDS are a good way to give a boost to your score and complete the stars faster. Every time you bring a partner on a Crime Scene, this one offers you GOLDEN WORDS. The GOLDEN WORDS are special Objects taken from the Objects you need to find. A normal partner will offer you one GOLDEN WORD. However, if you have a teammate playing the game regularly, they can offer you more GOLDEN WORDS and finding them all can grant you up to 100,000 extra points!

How do I regain Energy?
Energy refills over time. Every 4 minutes and 30 seconds, you get 1 Energy point. You don’t have to be logged into the game to get Energy back, you can leave the game and come back later to find your bar refilled. The Energy is capped at 80 points, which means that it will stop refilling once it reaches 80 points. 

Note: using Energy Items (Coffee, Donut and Pizza) as well as energy gifted by friends refills energy more quickly up to and over the 80 point limit!
How do I know when I’ll reach the next level?
Your level is displayed in the small Blue Shield icon in the left corner of the top bar.
The gauge displays the amount of points required to access the next level.
Tap the Blue Shield icon to get more details about your Level and your Rank. 

How many episodes are there?
There are 10 episodes available now. More will be added soon to complete the first season of twelve episodes!

Are you going to release more?
New episodes are planned to be released on a regular basis. Stay tuned for info on our Facebook page HERE!

How can I change the way my Avatar looks?
You can change the way your Avatar looks by tapping the AVATAR icon in the Ribbon menu. This will open the Avatar screen where your actual Avatar and ranking will be displayed on the left side.
Tap on one of the five TAB categories on the top of the inset window to access the different items available.

You can preview any item before buying it. PREVIEW will be displayed on top of the chosen item without you being charged for it. If you wish to buy the item, simply tap on the GREEN BUTTON showing the required amount for that item.

When finished with your changes, tap on the DONE button at the bottom of the screen to close it.

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