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Gameplay Questions

Who am I?
You are a looter, an adventurer seeking, glory, fame and epic loot!

Can I play a specific class?
Your playstyle will all depend on the weapon that you equip. Try playing with a Staff, a Hammer, a Sword or an Axe to check out the difference. Set Gears can also give you specific skills (Blessings) to further personalize your playstyle.

What are the controls for my hero?
Hold and move to run / Tap or hold a single spot to attack / Swipe to roll / Touch the icon to use your skills.

What is the meaning of my statistics?
Might indicates the overall strength of your character. Your DPS indicates how much damage you can do, and how quickly. CRIT. DMG is how much bonus damage your critical hits will grant. Your HP is how much health your character has. PVP damage bonus is an additionnal stat that is only activated in the Arena.

What is Might and how do I optmize it?
Your Might combines all your stats together to indicate the general badassery of your hero. Choose the best equipment you have to increase it. Watch out though, sometimes the highest Might score doesn't mean the best performance for your looter!

What are Skills? Where can I change them? 
Skills are very useful powers or spells that help you in your butt-kicking quest for loot and gold! You can select up to three Skills. In the HERO menu you can access the Skills menu.

What are Talents? Where can I change them? 
Talents are passive skills that make your looter even more badass! You can select up to three Talents. In the HERO menu you can access the Talent menu.

How to upgrade Skills and Talents?
Upgrading your Skills and Talents will improve their stats. You'll need Scroll Points and Skill Books / Talent Books to upgrade them!

How to get Scroll Points
You can farm them in Adventure Castles.

How to get Skill / Talent Books?
Each 5 levels, you’ll have to use these special items to level up your Skills or Talents. You’ll get new Books by leveling up in the game, so you can only get a limited specific amount. Choose wisely!

What does "pulled ennemies" mean?
Ennemies are pulled whenever you use a Skill that pulls them towards you. Right now, the only Skill that pulls enemies in the game is the Black Hole skill (purple icon, 3rd on your Skill lists)

What are Runes?
Runes are items that you can equip to further increase your Might. After equipping a Rune, you can equip it on another Gear if you wish. You just need to unequip it first.

How to upgrade Runes?
Runes can be upgraded with Gold to increase their strength. When upgrading Runes, the chance of a success will depend on the Rune level. The Rune upgrade pannel is in FORGE > RUNES.

Where can I find gold?
Gold can be found in Daily Missions, Achievements, Campaign Castles, Trial  Castles, and Gold Castles. You can also buy some in the Shop.

Where can I find Runes?
Runes can be found in Trial and Adventure Castles

Can I run Castles with friends?
Not for now, but you can measure up to other players in the Arena. More social features will be added in the future.

What is Energy?
Energy is used to perform specific actions, like entering a castle.

How do I get more Energy?
There are a many ways to get more Energy in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Energy recharges automatically over time. You can get more in Daily Quests, achievements or by levelling up. You can also restore Energy equal to your energy cap with Gems.

Can I increase my maximum Energy?
Yes! Your maximum Energy increases as you level up.

Can my Energy exceed the limit?
Your energy can burst beyond its limits through purchasing energy with gems or getting energy as a reward in the game.

What's the max level?


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