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Technical and Save Game Information

How do I save my progression?
We strongly advise you to connect your Mighty Quest account to your Game Center or your Google Play Account. This way, your data won't be lost if you uninstall the app or change your phone.

On Google Play: a pop-up will appear when you first log in the game. If you refuse, you’ll always have the option to do it later via your game settings.

On iOS: go to your Game Center directly to connect your Mighty Quest account.

I’ve lost my account, what do I do?
If your account is already linked, please try connecting to your Game Center (iOS) or logging in your Google Play account (Google Play). If you haven't linked your account or if this doesn’t work, we advise you to contact the support team, via the FAQ section in game

Is it possible to perform account transfers between Android and iOS?
Unfortunately, we are currently unable to perform cross-platform transfers for technical reasons.

How do I report an issue or share feedback?
To report an issue or send feedback,  please contact the support team Here

How do I switch off the music and sounds in the game?
Tap the settings icon on the top right of the game, there you can enable or disable both MUSIC and SOUNDS.

How do I mute/unmute a player in the Chat?
In the game chat, you have the option to mute a player so that you can't see their messages anymore. To mute a player: tap their name, then tap mute. To unmute a player: go to your "Settings" > "Muted" and tap the red cross next to the player's username.

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