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HAWX 2: Patch 1.01 available

Here is the download link for the 1.01 patch for HAWX 2:


http://static3.cdn.ubi.com/hawx 2/hawx_2_emea_1.01.exe 72Mb


Updates and Fixes for the PC release version 1.01:

1. Added DLC support.

2. The Uplay browser can be accessed after being minimized.

3. The Uplay application starts in full screen mode when the game is running in full screen mode.

4. The game restarts after the player quits Uplay.

5. The players no longer remain hanged on the "Waiting for other players" screen when they reload an objective.

6. All the rewards can be unlocked using the mouse.

7. The client does not remain hanged on infinite search.

8. The reward selection does not disappear when a reward is unlocked.

9. Various fixes.

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