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Disc import tool for Rocksmith 2014

It is possible to import the original Rocksmith tracks into Rocksmith 2014 using the Disc Import Tool. Please read on for details on how to do this:

For PC users, the tool is currently available from Steam on this page. Please note that ownership of the original Rocksmith is required to use the Disc Import Tool.

For PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 users, please follow the steps below:

1. Start the game and you will be asked if you have played Rocksmith, select 'Yes' (as below).

User-added image

2. Once at the Main Menu select 'Shop'.
3. Select 'Packs'.
4. The Disc Import Tool will be available.

Things to check if you do not have access to the Disc Import Tool:

- On PC, you should have the original Rocksmith on your Steam account.
- On Xbox 360 and PS3, you need to have a valid save game for the original Rocksmith present on your console.
- On Xbox 360 and PS3, you selected Yes when asked if you had played the original Rocksmith.
On Xbox 360, if you mistakenly selected 'No' when asked if you have played Rocksmith, move your save game to a USB / external HDD and then answer 'Yes' when restarting the game. Then once you have the Tool you can move your Save back and continue your progress.

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