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Gameplay Questions

What is my main objective in AC Pirates?
In AC Pirates, several missions are available in each map: one Story mission and many secondary missions. Your main objective is to finish the Story mission and to move to the next playground. Completing the secondary missions will reward you with extra XP and resources and allow you to improve your ship.
How do I control my ship?
There are two ways to control your ship. In immersive view: hold and move your finger on the ship’s wheel. In tactical view: draw a path from your ship to your destination.
How do I keep track of my resources?
The resources you earn as well as your character’s stats are available in the Player Profile. Pause the game and press the Player Profile icon to access it.
How do I access the other playgrounds?
You can access all the playgrounds through the node map. To travel to another node, just tap on it. But you will spend resources each time you travel from node to node, so make sure you do not embark on those journeys lightly.
How do I find treasures?

Treasures can be found on each map. When you defeat enough enemies, you will collect treasure maps. Each treasure map reveals a treasure location. Switch to tactical view and sail to the treasure location before using your spyglass to spot and collect the treasure.
How do I find lost files?
Lost files are spread out everywhere in the playgrounds. To collect the lost files, you need to explore the map in immersive view. Once a lost file appears on your radar, sail towards it and tap on it to retrieve it.
Who are the crewmembers?
Crewmembers are unlocked when you level up. You can hire them directly by visiting the Tavern. Each time you hire a crewmember, you will be granted perks that you can equip to improve your navigational or combat skills.
How do I unlock perks and How do I equip them?
Perks are unlocked each time you hire a crewmember. When a perk is equipped, it improves your navigation or your naval combat skills. Equip your perks by pausing the game and accessing the Perks menu. Once in the menu, drag and drop the desired perks from the perk list. Some perks are active and can be activated during the game. The others are passive and have a permanent effect.
How do I change ship?
As you level up and progress through the game, new ships will be unlocked. When a ship is unlocked, you can buy it with the gold coins you have acquired during your missions or free plunder. Pause the game, access the Ship menu and browse through all the available ships. Once a ship is bought, use it by tapping the Equip button.

How do I start a mission?
To start a mission, sail to the mission trigger -in immersive or tactical view- and tap on the Go button.
What can I buy with my gold coins?
Gold coins are used to buy new ships, to purchase resources, to hire crew members, and to upgrade perks and ships.
Why should I be connected?
Being connected allows you to check your achievements and be notified each time the game is updated.
How do I reset the game?
To reset the game, pause the game and tap on the Options menu, in the upper right-hand corner. Once in the Options menu, tap on the Reset Game button. But be careful! If you reset the game, all your saved data and all your progression will be lost.

How do I change the language? 
All the languages are accessible from the Main menu. When you launch the game, tap on the Earth icon and select the flag representing your language. You can also access the Home page from the Options menu.
How do I disconnect from Facebook?
To disconnect from Facebook, pause the game, open the Options menu and turn Facebook OFF.
What is bounty?
You increase the Bounty on your head each time you defeat an enemy, get an achievement or complete a mission. The bounty defines your rank and allows you to compare your progression with your friends.

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