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Myst Book Causes Freeze


Clicking on the Myst book will cause the computer to freeze with a blank screen.


A number of possible solutions exist for this issue:

Display Settings:

First make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for your video card, and that it is capable of running at 24 bit True Color. Your desktop colors must be set to at least 24 bit color, it is a system requirement. If your desktop color is already set to 24 bit or greater, try the next step.

Multimedia Settings

Check the Preferred Playback Device in the Multimedia section of the Control Panel.

To do this:
  1.  Go to Start, Settings and Control Panel.
  2.  Double-click on the Multimedia icon.
  3.  In the "Playback" section, change the Preferred Device line to the read Wave Out or Playback for the system's appropriate sound card. You do not want this line to say Wave Device for Voice Modem. It needs to be set to the Wave Out or Playback for the particular sound card. For example: SB16 Wave Out.

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