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Lag or latency between strumming the guitar and hearing the sound


I'm experiencing some sound lag or latency while playing Rocksmith on PC, what should I do?


For best results, you'll need to configure both your output device and the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable. Both devices should be set to operate using a sample rate of 48 kHz using a 16 bit sample size. Audio output should also be set for 2 channel playback.

Configuring Audio Output

- Open your Sound panel. You can do this by right-clicking on the Volume icon at the bottom right of your screen and clicking on Sounds
- Then, select the Playback tab.
- Your desired output device should be set as the Default Device (right click on the device and select Set as Default Device).
- Next, select this device and click the Configure button. This will open the speaker configuration dialog. Use these dialogs to set your output device to 2 channel stereo.
- Once you have the output set to stereo, return back on the Playback tab, select the device again and click the Properties button.
- In the Properties dialog, select the Advanced tab. In this window, you should set the output to 16 bit and 48000 Hz output. You should also set the device to allow exclusive mode to applications.

Configuring Your Rocksmith Real Tone Cable

The game requires you to have a Rocksmith Real Tone Cable in order to play. Although other guitar input devices will take audio from your electric or bass guitar, Rocksmith only supports the Real Tone Cable. If you have more than one Rocksmith Real Tone cable, you'll want to repeat this procedure for both cables.

- Open your Sound panel and select the Recording tab.
- Next, select the device and then click the Properties button.
- After that, select the Advanced tab. In this window, set the audio format to 1 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz. You should also set the device to allow exclusive mode to applications

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