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Frequently asked questions on ShapeUpCoach website

What is the dashboard and what information can I find on it?
What is the Custom Quest Menu and how do I use it?
The Food plan menu.
In game stats.
Viewing my objectives.

You can find the information about your current progress in the game on the Dashboard:
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The Stats Bar will show you your current progress in the game;
•    How many bolts you have gained. 
•    How many calories you have burned.
•    How many calories left until you reach your Weekly Objective.
•    Your B.M.I
•    How many LBS left to reach your Weekly Objective.
Custom Quest section will show you the progress of your Custom Quest; from there you can also create a new Custom Quest or choose one from the pre-made quests available.
Food Plan Tracker will show you the information of your current Food Plan; to create a Food Plan visit the Food Plan section of the site.
Navigation Bar will let you navigate between menus in the website, see Terms of use, contact Support, view Privacy Policy and visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

In the Custom Quest Menu you can either chose a new quest from the pre-made custom quests, or create your own. 
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This is the list of Pre-Made Custom Quests that you can choose from; you will also see the information of those quests, their goals, the minutes/week, the quest’s length and intensity and the rating of the quest.
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In this menu you can create your own personal Custom Quest;
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•    Set the Name of your Quest.
•    Choose the length of your Quest in Weeks.
•    Choose how many Blocks per Week you want. (Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6)
•    Configure the Challenge and what Workout you want to add in each Block. (You will only be required to configure 3 blocks.  On reaching the third block in your quest, your next block will repeat the sequence.  For example: 5 training blocks will have blocks 1 through 3 and then blocks 1 and 2.)

Food Plan Menu
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In this menu you can:
•    Choose a new Food Plan. (Orange button at the top-right of the menu)
•    View your current Food Plan’s summary. (The Food Stats Summary section)
•    Get More Meals.
•    Add a Grocery List.
•    Print your current Food Meal Plan.
•    And, if your Food isn’t included in the list you can create it using the Create Food button.

When you first arrive in the Food Plan menu you will have to choose a new Food Plan, the setup is divided into 2 parts.
Part 1:
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What is your Goal: You need to chose what your Goal is; Lose Weight, Maintain Weight, Gain Weight.
What is your Target Weight: Input your desired target weight.
What is your desired rate of weight loss?: If you picked Weight Loss or Gain as your Goal, you will have the option to pick your desired rate of weight loss/gain. (how many pounds per week you want to gain or lose)
Do you want to follow a plan?: Here you can decide if you want to follow a diet plan offered by us or go on your own. If you follow a pre-set plan, you will receive the options:

  • Gluten-Free Diet

  • Neanderthal Diet

  • Low Fat Diet

  • Carb Reduction Diet

  • Balanced Diet

  • Good Carb Diet

  • Diabetes Diet

Part 2
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How many meals per day do you want?: Choose one of the available options depending on how many meals per day you intend to have.
Plan start date?: Input the date you want to start your Food Plan.
Do you have any dietary restrictions?: If any of
these options apply to you, you can select them from this list. 
Do you have any Vegetarian restrictions?: If any of these options apply to you,
you can select them from this list. 
Once everything is done, press the Submit button.
That’s it, you have now successfully created your Food Plan. You will now be returned to the Food Plan menu and your current plan's stats will be visible in the Food Stats summary section.
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Here you will see stats of the Food Plan that you created;
•    The current Calories in your plan vs the Calories range your current goal should have.
•    The current Carb Grams in your plan vs the Carb Grams range your current goal should have.
•    The current Protein Grams in your plan vs the Protein Grams range your current goal should have.
•    The current Fat Grams in your plan vs the Fat Grams range your current goal should have.
Here you can choose to delete, edit or reset the meal to its default value.

Add a Food option will allow you to add more food in your meal; note that when doing this you are not adding a specific food in the meal, you are adding a generic food group. (Fruit, Grains, Vegetables, Protein, Dairy.) :
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Choose which food group you want to add in your meal, and what portion you want.
•    In the Name It menu you can add a name for a specific food if you want.
•    In the History menu you can search for a food that you previously ate and add it.
•    In the Only Calories menu you can input how many calories you ate.
•    In the Custom Food you can add your own type of food; which will require you to fill a form about some informations of that food.
Click on Add Food to add it to your current Meal.
With the option Get more Meals you can add more Meals to your Food Plan; you have the options to add a Meal for the whole week, for 2 weeks, for today only or a custom date.
In the Grocery List menu you can view your grocery list of food required through your Food Plan.
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Use the Print option to print your Food Plan.

If your Food isn’t in the list that we provided, you have the option in this menu to create your own Food; you will have to add the name, the group in which it belongs and all the calories, fat, and cholesterol information.
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In this menu you will be able to view your game stats more specifically:

  • Total time played.

  • Total calories burned.

  • Total Bolts

  • Information about the Tracker application.

  • Percentage information about your Upperbody, Lowerbody and Core stats.

  • History about your daily, weekly and monthly calories loss and Bolts gain

My Objectives
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In this menu you can change your current objective if you want to select a new one, simply follow the setup guide and you will be able to do so.

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