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Valiant Hearts - Gameplay Questions


How do I play Valiant Hearts?


Do I need to play Episodes in a particular order?
The game is split up into four episodes. Episode 1 will be available immediately after installing the app. The other episodes can be bought and played independently at any time. You do not need to complete a previous episode to access the next. However we do recommend that you play the full story in the correct order for the best experience.

Do I need Wi-Fi to play the game? 
No, you do not need to be connected to the internet in order to play already downloaded episodes. However, an internet connection is required to download new episodes. Due to the size of the episodes we do recommend that you use Wi-Fi to download them. 
Episode 2: 146 MB 
Episode 3: 138 MB 
Episode 4: 113 MB 

Does the game support a game controller? 
Yes, the following controllers are supported: 
- Steelseries 
- Logitech Powershell 
- Moga iOS 

Can I back-up my save file? 
Yes, iCloud saves are supported for this title. You can save your profile to iCloud from: 
- Options 
- My Profile 
- Save to iCloud 

- It can then be restored to the same or another device by logging in with the same iCloud account:
- Options
- My Profile
- Load from iCloud

How can I restore my purchases? 
Purchases made with the same Apple ID can be restored to the same or another device by: 
- Store
- Restore Purchases

What is “Veteran Mode”? 
By checking the "Veteran mode" box in the options menu, you accept to play the game without the help of hints; the 'Hints' button will be greyed out on the Pause menu. You can return to normal mode by unchecking the "Veteran mode" box in the options menu.

How do I know that I have collected all items in an area?
A medal is displayed on the collectibles bar on the Episode selection page to confirm that all items have been collected. Any items left to be collected will be displayed as a black silhouette.

How do I share a screen capture ? 
Every time you pause the game, a screen capture is automatically made. You can share this picture on Facebook by using the 'Share' button. (This feature is disabled on iPhone 4S) *Please note, you will need to have the Facebook app installed on your device to share a screen capture. If you are unable to share a screen capture, please reinstall the Facebook app.

If you are experiencing a problem with this app, feel free to contact support team!

Or follow the Support icon in-game:
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