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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Versus Information

In this article we have compiled useful information about the new Versus Mode

What is the Versus Mode?

The Versus Mode is a 1v1 PvP feature available for free. The game mode is a deathmatch: the last team standing or the team with more heroes alive at the end of the Turn Limit will win. 

How to access Versus Mode?

Head to the main menu of the game and select the Versus Mode.

How does the Skill Set work?

A Skill Set (Skill Tree + Weapons) is the loadout of the Hero. Each Hero is available in three different Skill Sets including a Default Balanced Preset. Other presets are more specialised and locked at the start of the progression. Each match played will unlock a new Skill Set for one of the heroes that was present in the match.

All Heroes are available at start. 

What are the Actions?

Each player has three Action Tickets that they can spend however they want between their Heroes. In Versus, all Actions (Move, Attack, Technique) will cost an Action Ticket. Once the three Tickets are spent, Turn swaps to the other player. Note that using an Item doesn’t cost any Action Ticket.
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How can I loot and use the Items?

Items can be found in Boxes on the battlefield. After picking an Item, it will be stored in the Item slot and can be triggered for free anytime during a Player's turn. Picking up a new Item replaces the former one. Also, Items can be used on any Hero in the player’s team.

Can I choose the same Hero as my opponent?

Yes, both players can choose the same hero. The Heroes will be differentiated on the field thanks to coloured headset.
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Can I change the Turn Limit or the Time Limit?

Yes! Head to the Game Mode Options to change these settings. By default, the Turn Limit option is deactivated and the Time Limit for Player Turn option is set on 120 seconds. 

If you want more information about the Versus mode, feel free to contact our support team

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