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Ghost War in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost War is a Player versus Player (PvP), 4 versus 4 tactical experience. 

You can access the mode via the Ghost War tab, the Objectives Board or by approaching Sgt. Brown in Erewhon.

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In Ghost War, Gear Level is disabled and specific balancing ensures committed players do not have advantages over new or infrequent players. 

You can confidently take a low-level character and gear into the field. Play with the same character and class for the rest of the match in order to upgrade them.

Weapons, gear and currency can be obtained by playing this mode.

The points you obtain in Ghost War influence the number of rewards you receive from playing over time. 
Playing Ghost War will also grant you Battle Points for the Battle Rewards progression.

Unique challenges and rewards are also available through Sgt. Brown missions on the Objectives Board

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