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For Honor Starter Edition

The For Honor Starter Edition provides access to the full game, story mode and all PVP modes, with a different system for unlocking Heroes. In this FAQ we'll highlight the differences between the Starter Edition and the Standard Edition of For Honor

The main difference is in Hero availability and unlocking. In the Starter Edition: 

3 Vanguard Heroes are fully unlocked from the beginning - they are playable and customisable.
9 other Heroes are not recruited: 
- the 3 Heroes of your chosen faction will be playable but not customisable
- the 6 remaining Heroes can only be played in practice mode
All other Heroes are locked - they can be played only in practice mode.

You can recruit all standard Heroes that are not fully unlocked from the beginning for 8000 Steel each. Alternatively, you can unlock all standard Heroes at once with the All Heroes Bundle which can be purchased for 25,000 Steel on the in-game store. 

If you choose to purchase the All Heroes Bundle after you unlocked some Heroes already, the price of the bundle will lower respectively. 

Heroes that were added to the game after its release can be recruited for the same price in all editions of For Honor, including the Starter Edition:
- 10,000 Steel for Year 1 Heroes (Also available as part of the Season Pass)
- 15,000 Steel for the Heroes of Wu Lin faction (Also available as part of the Marching Fire Expansion)

The Starter Edition will be available as digital version for PC only. It is fully compatible with the Season Pass and existing DLCs, meaning you'll be able to expand your game at any time if you wish. Additionally, the Starter Edition is compatible with all other game versions in multiplayer modes: owners of the Starter Edition can play with all other players on PC regardless of the their respective game editions.

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For more details, please see below: 

Is there a way to upgrade the Starter Edition to the regular game?
There are a number of options available:

1 - From within the game, you can purchase the All Heroes Bundle

2 - Buying any edition other than the Starter Edition will upgrade your version and unlock all content that comes with your purchase. Note that, if you own the Starter Edition on Steam, you won’t be able to buy any other edition on Steam due to platform restrictions.
Your game progress will carry over as long as you use the same Ubisoft account to buy and play the game.

3 - You may unlock any and all content individually by spending the Steel you earned from playing the game or through the Steel bundles available in-game. 

4 - Finally, you can purchase the Season Pass on Steam and Ubisoft Connect to unlock all Year 1 Heroes.
Please note that the four Heroes of Wu Lin faction, available as part of the Marching Fire Expansion, are not included in the Year 1 Season Pass but can be unlocked with Steel or purchase of the Marching Fire Expansion.

If I played the Free Weekend and unlocked some Heroes, will they stay unlocked?
No. However, the Heroes will be discounted by the amount you paid for them during the Free Weekend. Here is a concrete example:
If you recruited (unlocked) the Conqueror for 500 Steel during the Free Weekend and purchase the Starter Edition later, it will be locked again. Its normal price to unlock would be 8000 Steel. Since you unlocked the Hero previously, you will be able to unlock it for 7500 Steel. 

Is there a level cap in the For Honor Starter Edition?
No, the Starter Edition will give you access to the full game. The only difference is the system for unlocking Heroes. 

How can I unlock Heroes faster when playing the Starter Edition?
Heroes are unlocked with Steel, so earning Steel is key! Steel can be acquired through playtime; completing matches as well as in-game Orders rewards Steel and XP. Depending on how you play, 8000 Steel is equal to 8-15 hours of gameplay.

If you'd like to unlock Heroes instantaneously, you have the option to purchase Steel through the in-game store.

Will I keep my progression when upgrading to another edition?
Your game progression is tied to your Ubisoft account. As long as you use the same Ubisoft account to play, you will be able to carry over your progression between editions.

On which PC distribution platforms will the Starter Edition be available? 
The Starter Edition will be available digitally on Ubisoft Connect and Steam. 

In which countries will the Starter Edition be available?
The Starter Edition will be available in all countries with access to Ubisoft Connect and Steam. 

Is this Starter Edition also planned for console? 
There are currently no plans for a console Starter Edition. 

Can I participate in For Honor competitions with the Starter Edition? 
Yes, choosing the Starter Edition does not limit your options in any way! 

For more information feel free to visit the official For Honor website!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch

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