Redeeming your Ubisoft+ rewards program items

If you are eligible for the Ubisoft+ rewards program, you can redeem your rewards in the Uplay Application:

•    Start the Ubisoft Connect PC.
•    Access the Ubisoft+ vault
•    Navigate to the Redeem tab.
•    Select This month's rewards.
•    Click on a reward you would like to redeem.
•    You will be prompted Do you want to redeem this reward?
•    Choose Yes to complete redemption or Cancel if you want to redeem a different reward.

Example rewards in Ubisoft+
Example rewards in Ubisoft+

Once you have successfully redeemed the reward, you will be able to access it in-game next time you launch it.

If you have already redeemed the number of rewards that you can get with your Ubisoft+ rewards tier, remaining rewards will be displayed as locked.

Feel free to get in touch, if you have any further questions!

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